Ellen Dickinson


Compositions and Arrangements

For SATB Choir, handbells, and diverse instruments



Let Your Music Soar (2018)

An original piece for handbells, SATB choir, choirchimes, children’s choir and optional brass

approx. 5 minutes


Four Preludes for Handbells (2018)

Composed as workshop studies, these preludes may be taught by rote, in combination with music reading, and need not be performed together. It is preferable to double or triple with additional sets of bells or chimes.

Prelude No. 1 for 8 ringers (Bb3-Bb6), a “pentatonic fantasy”

Prelude No. 2 for 12 ringers (G3-D7), a ringer improvisation

Prelude No. 3 for 7 ringers + 5 ad lib ringers (G3-E7), a “pentatonic fantasy”

Prelude No. 4 for 11 ringers (G3-F7), a six-part canon

Amazing Grace (2018)

arranged for twelve handbells Bb4-C7 (6 ringers) plus optional singing bells


Where the Heart Dwells (2018)

With Stillness Comes the Dawn

Morning Light (Gladness of Heart)


Brilliant Sun

Bells at Sunset

An original concert piece for five-octave handbell choir plus optional second handbell ensemble

Chime Fanfares (2017)

Three short pieces/studies for children’s handbell or chime choir (C5-C7)

I Lift My Lamp (2017)

inspired by “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus

Holding on to Hope

Ancient Lands

The Light Within


Let My Light Shine

An original concert piece five for five-octave handbell choir (movements 2 and 5 are scored for two five-octave choirs, but piano may substitute for choir two)

Celebration (2017)

An original spacial study/piece for 15 ringers

approx. 4 minutes


Threads of Light: A Tapestry of African-American Spirituals

in three parts – Hope, Journey Glory (2016)

an extended concert work for SATB choir, soprano and baritone soloists, 5 octaves handbells (may be done with as few as 7 skilled ringers), trumpet, and upright bass,

with suggested readings of poetry by African-American poets

approx. 40 minutes of music, for a total of 60 minutes with readings and remarks


Threads of Light: Glory

The third part “Glory” is available separately, reworked (2018) for SATB, 5 octaves handbells (13 ringers), and harp

Let My Light Shine (2016)

a five-part canon anthem with optional boomwhackers or other percussion

Suite for Handbells (2016)



          Aeolian Harp



for four octaves handbells (E4-G7) written for middle school handbell choir

Spring Alleluia (2015)

original anthem for children’s choir, choirchimes (15 notes from Bb4-G7), and two additional voices (such as adult choir, flexible voicing)

incorporates one verse of “The Lone, Wild Bird”

Ring Joyfully! (2008)

three hymns arranged for two octaves of choirchimes or handbells


Come Away to the Skies (2007)

anthem arranged for SATB and handbells or piano

Three Bach Pieces for Handbell Trio (2007)

          Minuet in G major

          Minuet in G minor

          Musette in D major

Three famous Bach keyboard pieces arranged for handbell trio (5 octaves)